Current Students

Alison Farrar – Social evaluations and ecological outcomes of management practices in urban grassland reserves

Brendan Champness – Social factors influencing urban birds

Gary Veale – The nature of us – connecting with nature in the corporate worls

Margreet Drijfhout – overabundant Koala’s in south-eastern Australia


Recent Students

Joe Kaspar – mapping change in the urban tree canopy cover

Tanja Straka – Urban wetlands for bats and people 

Cynnamon Dobbs – Urban landscape structure and the provision of ecosystem services at multiple scales: Understanding socio-ecological patterns shaping the development of sustainable cities

Chiyedza Kuruneri-Chitepo – Exploring land managers’ understanding of diversity in the urban forest of greater Melbourne

Virginia Harris – How are the social and ecological values assigned to urban parks and gardens related to public preference for green spaces?